8 Week studies

We have several small booklets you may purchase through Amazon or Createspace.com.

These books are suitable for small group discipling and cover a variety of topics.

Keep checking back here as new booklets are still being produced.

Seek Series

God's Story

Learn God's story as found in the Bible, and what he is really like.

God on Mission: now what?

God sends prophets, his word, and his church in to the world. Our job is to recognize it and live it with the help of six spiritual formations or holy habits.

Learn Christ: a study of Ephesians 4:17-32

Learn Christ is just one way to flesh out the holy habits that will help us grow.

Each booklet is 8 chapters. 

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One-anothering stuff

There are more one-another commands in the Bible than you can shake a stick at. This 12-week study takes you though some of them.

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Coming in 2017: Wolves at the door

Do you know what the American values are?

Did you know they have crept into the church in the U.S.?

What can we do about?

Why is it so bad, anyway?

Coming, January of 2017. An 8 week study for small groups.