"Fengelu" is Manyakan (a West African language) for stuff that is (sometimes) relevant and (occasionally) coherent right HERE.


Chrislam describes how some missionaries are islamizing the Gospel. 

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Insider movements

This small book critiques the Scriptures used (badly) by those who are advocates of the Insider Movements.

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two messiahs

Did you know that the Jesus of the Bible is not the same person as the Isa of the Qur'an? Written as a story, Two Messiahs, takes you on a journey of discovery.

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Hold the starch

My premise: everything we do should glorify God and sometimes silliness helps.

Hold the Starch: brief thoughts about God, me and you. A simple look at God, values, morals, and donuts through the eyes of a transplanted Californian now living on the plains of North Dakota.

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Hold the Starch, Again. The second Bunyan Towery collection of dense, I mean condensed essays, promises to deliver observations and comments on God, our government, life in North Dakota, and food.

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Hold the Starch: the unapocalypse

The title says it all, doesn't it?

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