Prayer Manual

What is this?

The Prayer Manual is just a suggestion for many different ways to pray. It is a borrowed document from all over the internet, so feel free to borrow it, doctor it, BUT use it. 

Read it below or download it:


Some Ideas on How to Pray

  • Pray the Lord’s prayer, then go back and pray through each major theme of the prayer:
  • God as our father
  • God’s is totally other (non-human)
  • God is holy
  • Pray for God’s kingdom to come (thank God for it; we should seek it)
  • Pray for God’s will
  • Thank God for the blessings of today and that he has met your needs
  • Thank God for forgiving your debts
  • Are there folks you need to forgive
  • Ask God for strength in times of temptation
  • Pray a favorite Scripture by personalizing the text. Is there a command in the text for you to obey, then ask for God’s help to do it. Is there a promise to appropriate, then do so. Is there a characteristic of God in which you would like to rejoice, then rejoice in it. Discover the power of lectio divina. Reading a passage prayerfully and waiting to see what the Holy Spirit brings to your thoughts about the passage.
  • Do you know the names of your neighbors and their relationship to Jesus? Pray for them.
  • Confession and Repentance.
  • Use an acronym (there are countless examples on the internet)

Praise: When we praise God, we consciously recognize and acknowledge who He is and what He has done.  When we praise God we naturally enter into to a state of gratitude. 

Repent: Repentance is acknowledging our shortcomings and failures and deciding not to return to the same mistakes and habits.

Ask: God wants you to tell Him what you are concerned about and what you need. He also wants to shape your character through prayer. That means you can be honest with Him about what you want too.

Yield: Any time we spend with God results in Him sharpening our character. Many times when we are praying through a difficult issue, the first move that God makes is in us. When He shows us aspects of our lives that need to change, we must consciously yield to His will.


 Here’s a list of items to pray.

  • Begin by praising God for who He is
  • Thank God for all He has done in your life, for your church, in this city
  • Prepare your own heart for prayer by confessing your sin (pride, anger, envy, lust, greed, laziness, gluttony, etc)
  • Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit
  • Pray the Holy Spirit will convict our church members of the need for personal revival
  • Pray that we will begin to develop a culture of prayer and become known as the church that prays
  • Ask God to help us develop a missional culture and attitude, seeing our neighborhoods and the world as our place of ministry
  • Ask God to help us develop a greater culture and language for stewardship of our time, talents, money, gifts, abilities, the campus, and everything that God has given us to manage
  • Pray for the elders, pastor and church staff as they serve the church
  • Ask God to bring unchurched people to church this Sunday
  • Plead with God to convince the lost to come to Christ
  • Ask God to save people at every service of our church
  • Pray for our Sunday school and AWANA teachers.
  • Thank the Lord for the financial generosity of our church and for a continuous flow of sacrificial support for our ministries
  • Pray for a genuine burden for holiness and a spirit of repentance and confession in our own church members
  • Ask God to give our people a hunger and thirst for the presence of God and the things of the Lord
  • Pray for those who preach as they prepare messages from the Word for the church
  • Ask God to make our church passionately devoted to the personal and congregational love of Bible study
  • Pray for a hedge of spiritual and physical protection for the children of our church
  • Ask God to speak to the youth of our church and send a revival among them
  • Pray for the families of our church—especially for marriages to be strong
  • Ask God's blessings on single adults and the many challenges they face each day
  • Pray for single parents to be connected to the church and a small group, Community group, or Sunday School class
  • Give God praise for the many volunteers throughout our ministries who serve behind the scenes
  • Pray our church will grow as the Lord leads new people to us and leads us to new people
  • Pray, pray, pray for a spirit of unity in our fellowship
  • Pray our church will be protected from physical attack and will be a safe place to serve and worship
  • Ask God to continually bless our worship ministry leaders, ministers, musicians, and choirs
  • Pray God will raise up new leaders and that He will call more people into service and ministry
  • Pray for many people to be saved!
  • Pray for our church to stay strong but loving in delivering biblical truth in our city
  • Pray for the families of our staff and the unique challenges they face
  • Pray for miracles of healing for those in our church on the prayer list


Here are areas for self-examination.

  •      Have I confessed my sins to God?
  •      Am I attempting to hide anything from the Lord?
  •      Have I been honest with my family?
  •      Am I abusing any substance? Do I have an unforgiving attitude toward anyone?
  •      Am I self centered?
  •      Am I proud?
  •      Is my ego hurting other people?
  •      Am I angry and mean spirited?
  •      Am I jealous of others?
  •      Do I allow envy to control how I feel?
  •      Am I sexually pure?
  •      Are my “entertainment” choices pleasing to the Lord?
  •      Do I tell the truth?
  •      Am I greedy?
  •      Have I attempted to restore relationships with those I have offended? Those who have offended me?
  •      Have I avoided personal prayer and Bible study? Daily time with the Lord?