Sunday Worship Gathering

First Thing's First.

As you enter the building, the main sanctuary will be on your right. Straight ahead you will find the nursery and rest rooms. Help yourself to a cup of coffee in the visiting area.

What happens during our gathering?

Our worship service begins with things like scripture reading, responsive readings, and prayer. Then we lift our voices in song, a mix of contemporary and traditional music. The teaching will be gospel-centered Bible exposition. Feel free to catch up on our sermons. The Gathering will last about 75 minutes.

What about my children?

We have a toddler nursery staffed with great people. Your youngsters will have snacks and plenty to do to keep them busy. There is also an infant cry room for your use whenever you're here and the service can still be heard in the lobby if necessary. However, your children are welcome in our time of worship. Don't worry about causing distractions...children are a beautiful grace given to us by God and we love hearing them worship with us!

What do I wear?

There is no dress code.  Dress ranges from shirt & tie to T-shirt & jeans, but any modest clothing will be fine.

What happens after the gathering?

After the gathering, please feel free to stay and visit for a while. There is typically a lot of coffee consumed and conversation happening. It's a great time for us to get to know one another better.

How do I get involved?

Hillside offers many opportunities to be in community and on mission with God in Dickinson. Please explore the website to learn more about this. A couple of good places to start are Community, Children, and Youth. We hope you find our Sunday Family Gatherings gospel-centered and distraction-free  as we all worship our King together.

    We don't want anyone to be lost, out of place, or confused during our Sunday Worship Gatherings. We want you to be able to lift up your voice in praise to the Lord with us. So, here are some of the songs you'll hear while worshiping with us at Hillside.